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The latest Generation of Nurse Call Technology

Vitalcare’s Daisy is a new generation of critical messaging infrastructure for aged care, independent living, hospital and institutional facilities.

Daisy uses a hybrid of state-of-the-art IoT (“internet of things”) two-way wireless protocol and traditional IP wired configuration to deliver a highly reliable, versatile and feature rich system.

The infrastructure supports a wide array of devices and functions including two-way wireless pendants and call points, smartphones, pagers, DECT phones, bed sensors, dementia management, infra-red sensors and wandering patient devices.

Daisy Monitoring Facility Diagram

Daisy systems are internet connected to a powerful enterprise reporting engine called Vitalcloud. In addition to facility performance reporting, Vitalcloud also provides remote configuration, maintenance and system diagnostics.

All Vitalcare products, software and technology are designed, developed and manufactured in Australia and distributed internationally through a network of company-owned offices and authorised agents and distributors.

Nurse Call Systems

Nurse Call Systems — Daisy Large Campus

There are three primary elements of a nurse call system.

  • Input Devices
  • Network Controller
  • Notifications

Input Devices

Vitalcare systems support a wide range of input devices including:

  • Pendants – wireless two-way neck pendants worn by residents
  • Call points – wireless two-way wall buttons in a range of configurations
  • Wrist buttons – alternative to neck pendants, preferred by men
  • Pull cord points – used for showers and wet areas
  • Incontinence (enuresis) mats – used in beds to detect incontinence
  • Floor and bed mats – used to detect residents location
  • Infra-red and movement detectors
  • Wandering resident detectors
  • Location and tracking (RTLS) – used to locate residents and equipment
  • Door sensors and controllers – used to lock or unlock doors
  • Duress buttons and staff pendants – provides staff and lone resident security
  • Dementia Controller (CRIS – Confused Resident Information System)
Pendants and Wrist button
Staff Duress Pendant
Staff Duress Pendant in Profile
Nigel Wantering Resident Monitor Door Keypad
Infra-red and Movement Detector
Enuresis Sensor
Vitalcare Floor Sensor Mat

Network Controller

The Daisy Network Controller connects all the peripheral components and provides the necessary system intelligence.  It can be programmed on-site or remotely using Vitalcare’s cloud based facility. Each Input Device (such as pendants and call points) can be configured for specific instructions in the case of activation, including an escalation procedure and application of staffing shift and zone rosters.

The Network Controller also connects to the Internet for the purpose of reporting using Vitalcloud.

Network Controller
Network Controller close up or workings


Call activations can be programmed to appear on a range of devices subject to staff locations, zones, shifts and the time of day. Supported devices include:

  • Pagers
  • Smartphones (Apple iOS and Android)
  • Annunciators (signs)
  • DECT phones
  • Tablets
  • Web browsers (Vitalcloud)
  • Diallers to external agencies (call centres, Police, Fire, Ambulance Services)
  • Business information system
Vitalcloud Reporting Screen show on an iMac
Vitalcare Reporting Screen on Call Duration on Tablet
Vitalcare Reporting Number of Calls Statistics Screen on iPhone
Annunciator 4 Character Display
Vitalcare Annunciator 8 Digit Display
Annunciator 12 Character Display
Vitalcare Multiple Call Screen 6 messages
DECT Phones


Daisy connects to the Vitalcloud reporting engine to provide a comprehensive range of reports and maintenance functions.

Reporting of real-time activity can be provided on a localised browser in the nurses station or on mobile devices such as smartphones or tablets. Vitalcloud can be accessed from anywhere in the world.

Daily reports can be emailed on schedule to facility management, and a real-time dashboard provides the status of all activations, including outstanding calls, response times and low battery indication. Customised reports can also be generated ad hoc, or specified in advance.

Vitalcloud’s maintenance register dramatically reduces compliance and accreditation testing costs by minimising staff involvement in testing.

Real-Time Vitalcloud Dashboard Screenshots
Vitalcall Analytics Screenshots

Applications and Benefits

Key Features of Vitalcare Nurse Call

  • Inherent redundancy
  • Modular
  • Versatile
  • Compatible with legacy equipment
  • Secure — resilient to external factors
  • Economical to deploy and modify
  • Compatible with external equipment such as:
  • Fire panels
  • Security panels
  • Access control
  • DECT phones
  • Email
  • Cloud


Vitalcare designs, manufactures and installs nurse call systems to the highest performance standard. Testimony to this is several hundred systems across Australia that have been operating for over 20 years.


We understand the need to integrate nurse call into other systems such as fire, access control and security. Our engineering team have already developed a range of interface solutions and can quickly customise applications where necessary.


Vitalcare messaging systems have a wide range of applications including:

  • Aged care facilities — low care, high care
  • Independent living facilities
  • Dementia Care
  • Hospitals
  • Hospices
  • Building sites – emergency alarms
  • Unsupervised gyms
  • Mines

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